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Welcome to Issue 328, 12th September 2010 of our FREE newsletter

Turn Back Time - The High Street
We recently received the following email at the Long Eaton & Sawley Archive:
"Please reply to:
My name is Anna and I am emailing from Buxton Museum and Art Gallery (01629 533542 to contact Anna direct). The BBC is running a campaign over the winter called 'Turn back time - the High Street', which will include events across the UK and a 6 part prime time TV series. I am responsible for the museum display case in Long Eaton library and I was wondering whether you would be interested in using the case to put on a display about Long Eaton's high street. The display will be publicised through the BBC website and will tie in with a host of events and displays across the County. It would be great if you would like to get involved with the project, please contact me for further details.
Anna Rhodes (Assistant Collections Officer)"
After talking to Anna, she sent us a further email:
"Just giving you an update on the high street display in Long Eaton library.
The display is going to go up sometime in November and will consist of images of Long Eaton and relevant objects (some from the Derbyshire County Council collections and hopefully some objects from Erewash Museum). Local historian, Mr Keith Reedman is going to give a guided tour of the high street on Sunday the 5th of December from 1.30 to 3.30pm. I was wondering whether there was any scope to advertise the tour on your website? The tour is free and it will start outside Long Eaton library at 1.30pm. We are wanting people to book onto the tour through Long Eaton library as numbers are limited (maximum 20 people)......
.....You have a memories section on your website and I was wondering about the possibility of having a specific shopping memory page. I notice that some of the comments already include memories of shops and shopping but I was wondering if we could try and push for some more. With the display in the library I could include a book that people will collect memories in."
If anyone would like to become involved with this project, please contact Anna on the above email address, or telephone number.
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